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The Setting: The platest adventure will take place in the Makai (Magic/Fey Realm), in the city of Shuujikto. Humans and other mystics who have crossed over into this realm live on mostly amicable terms with the inhabitting strange creatures and Demons, but due to the unstable nature of Demons, there are numerous fights and "turf wars" still going on.

Kuzunoha: The players are members of Kuzunoha, an agency which utilises its connexions and Persona uses to enforce peace through martial law. Kuzunoha is known throughout the city, and most of Shuujikuto respects the agency and its ambitions, but there are gangs and other orginisations that seek to undermine or ignore their activities.

Seven Levels: Seven Levels is a bar located in western Shuujikto, which caters to both Demons and humans alike. It's owner, a Nekomata named Nyaako, is a supporter of Kuzunoha. the adventure begins with a request from her.

Demons and Creatures of the Makai: Presented below are some of the more common, "peaceful" Demons living in Suujikto, so you could familiarise yourselves with them.

A dwarf is a short and stout creature from Germanic mythologies and fairy tales. It usually has magical talents, often involving metallurgy.
Fey creatures, usually having fair skin and hair and pointed ears. Elves are known as wise, and often skilled with various magics and druidic powers.
According to the local folklore of south-west England, pixies are small mischievous creatures that inhabit the countryside and woodlands and like to play pranks on humans. They can be portrayed with or without wings, and over the years have taken on many traits usually associated with fairies, often leading to the assumption that they are one-and-the-same being, although this is a common misconception.
The kobold is a sprite of German folklore. Although usually invisible, a kobold can materialise in the form of an animal, fire, a human being, and a mundane object. The most common depictions of kobolds show them as humanlike figures the size of small children. Kobolds who live in human homes wear the clothing of peasants; those who live in mines are hunched and ugly; and kobolds who live on ships smoke pipes and wear sailor clothing.
Female Demons, said to the daughters of Lilith. They seduce men at night, to eat their souls or magically charm to have intercourse and create more Lilim.
The Oni were a demon race that appeared in Japanese legends and folklore, similar to Western Ogres or Trolls in appearance. They are usually hideous humanoid creatures with sharp claws, long horns, and unusual coloured skin, commonly red, but can also be black, blue, brown, green, or even white. They have played many roles throughout Japanese tales as wild demons, subordinates to higher deities, slaves to summoners, or Hellish executioners.
A European elf-like creature who personifies cold winter weather. He is said to be the one responsible for leaving the crystal-like ice patterns on windows on cold mornings. Usually quite friendly, but prone to pranks, Jack Frost is said to have a spiteful side, and if angered enough may freeze a victim to death. Some believe he originated in Viking folklore and his name comes from Jokul and Frosti, two ice giants from Norse mythology.
Jack Frost is the mascot of the Megaten series, and has appeared in every game to date since Megami Tensei II. He has numerous counterparts, including Pyro Jack and his leige, King Frost.
In Japanese folklore, a bakeneko (monster cat) is a cat with supernatural powers and incredible size. A cat can become a bakeneko by reaching a certain size, living for a long time, or being allowed to keep its long tail. What's more, if a long tailed bakeneko's tail should fork in two, it will become a nekomata (forked cat). As with most bakeneko, a nekomata is an unusually large cat, roughly a meter and a half in length and can walk about comfortably on their hind feet. They are said to be shapeshifters, often able to take on the form of a human, and can manipulate the dead like puppets. Strange fires and other unexplainable occurances are often blamed on the mischief of a nekomata. Although they are not necessarily evil beings, most like to play tricks, and sometimes a nekomata will fall in love with its master and take a human form in order to marry them. Of course, the person in question rarely knows the true form of their feline lover.